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What is 2FA / MFA

What is 2FA / MFA

In order to protect accounts from unauthorized access, many companies are now requiring 2-Factor Authorization / Multi-Factor Authorization (2FA/MFA).  In simple terms, this is where when you try and access your account, it sends a code to you that you have to enter.  This can be a code via text message, e-mail, or another software/device that generates a code.

By requiring 2FA/MFA, the goal is to protect your account from hackers or the like from gaining access.  This can be for simple things like e-mail, banking, payment systems, games, or anything at all.  2FA/MFA is becoming more and more common, and may soon be required for almost anything you do involving accessing personal data/accounts on the internet.

2FA can also be accomplished by what is known as BIOMETRICS.  This is using something unique to you as proof of identity, like a fingerprint, facial recognition, or other similar method.

It’s basically like giving a unique code as proof you are who you say you are in addition to your password.

If you would like a more in-depth and technical explanation of 2FA, click here.