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Please Note: Our Appleton and Waukesha stores will be closing at 5PM today, 5/24/24.

Remote Support and Assistance

Advantages of Remote Support:

  • No unhooking your computer
  • Secure - all computer communication is encrypted
  • One-time use sessions - 100% secure
  • Get help in your home
  • Put your feet up and let the Pros work
  • Tech support provided by local Milwaukee PC technicians
Milwaukee PC Remote Support

How does it work?

 Sometimes we can fix your computer without you bringing it in to your local store.

Some computer issues don’t require you to take your computer to the store. Issues like printers not working, some error messages, and even some virus/malware problems can possibly be fixed remotely. As long as you can get to the Internet and bring up a webpage, we can try and do a remote fix for your machine.

 How do I get started?

To setup a Remote Assistance, first call your local Milwaukee PC store to schedule help. Don’t know which store is closest? Click HERE for a list of our stores. The technicians will setup a time that they can look at your machine.

 What do I do next?

Once your appointment time is reached, the technician will call you to get started, and help you establish the remote session. After the first 30 minutes, Remote Assistance is billed in 15 minute intervals, and requires a credit card for billing.

 Do I need special software?

If you have Windows 10 or 11, there is software already built into Windows for us to use. If you click on your START menu (the Windows 4 square symbol) and start typing QUICK you will see one called QUICK ASSIST, this is the program Microsoft built in for remote help. If you have a version of Windows older than 10 (i.e. Windows 7 or 8.1) we will help walk you through downloading a program to allow us to remote in to your computer.

 How do you connect to my computer?

In order to link your computer with ours, we need you to have high speed internet, and your computer has to be in Windows and able to get to webpages. If these minimum requirements are not able to be met, we will not be able to help you remotely, and your computer will need to be brought to your nearest Milwaukee PC store for service.

What does it cost?

 So how much do I have to pay?

Since we break down the cost by 20 minute intervals, it's easy figure out.

  • First 30 minutes of assistance $50
  • Each additional 15 minute block $25

 How does the billing work?

We break down the billing by 20 minute intervals. That means if it only takes 35 mintues to fix, you don't pay for a full hour!

 What if you can't fix it remotely?

There will be times that it may take more work than what we can do remotely. Some things are just too complicated to fix via remote, and some things will require actual hands-on interaction with the computer. If we determine that you need to bring it in, we will waive the $50 first 30 minute fee.

By default, Milwaukee PC technicians will use the Quick Assist App built into Windows 10 and Windows 11. There are some instances where you may need to use a different program. If you are instructed to download TeamViewer for us to assist you, please click the link below and follow the instructions of the technician.

Download TeamViewer

Please Note: you must have high speed internet service for remote assistance to work properly. Available to home users only. For business users please contact [email protected] for plans and assistance. Your computer must be able to access the internet for you to connect to remote assistance. Remote assistance sessions and PIN# are for single use only. MPC is only able to access your computer during a single session that you authorize. Additional access is not possible without the customer initiating another and new session. While MPC will make every effort to fix your computer troubles, not all situations can be remedied remotely and may require you to bring your computer to your local store for further diagnostics and/or repair support. Remote assistance fees do not include any hardware for repairs or upgrade and are subject to local tax. Remote assistance is subject to Milwaukee PC's current Service terms and conditions. Please contact your local store for more information.