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DigiMemories - a service from Milwaukee PC

Save your precious memories

before they are lost forever


The #1 item that most people would grab in an home emergency is their photo albums, films and videos -- they are precious, unrecoverable, invaluable, and link us to our past. With Milwaukee PC's DigiMemories (digital media conversion service), you can have those priceless momentos backed up to digital copies that can be easily stored elsewhere (your cloud account), shared with family and friends via social media and the Internet, and protects these memories from the march of time that causes the original media to degrade.

Why Milwaukee PC - DigiMemories?

  • Processed LOCALLY here in Wisconsin
  • Transported by private truck to reduce risk of damage in shipping
  • Milwaukee PC has been working with the latest technology since 1989 - we have the EXPERIENCE you need to get it done right