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DigiMemories - a service from Milwaukee PC

Digital Media Conversion Pricing

Don’t lose your precious memories to both time and technology change! Get them transferred to digital! Are all your family or important memories on old film, video, pictures or slides? These are prone to damage from time, environment (like water damage from flooding) and loss. But if you have them converted to a Digital Format, they can be backed up and shared more easily, helping prevent loss!

Note: First DVD/CD with each item for conversion is included. There will be an additional fee to cover the price of the flash drive if selected as destination, or for each additional DVD/CD per conversion.

Milwaukee PC can convert many different types of traditional media such as photos, film, VHS, negatives and audio recordings to digital files. Not seeing a specific type of media? Please contact us.



16mm Film

  • 40¢ per foot - Silent Film

8mm or Super8 Film

  • 40¢ per foot - Silent Film

Video Cassettes

Video Cassettes

VHS / VHS-C / MiniDV / Hi8 / Digital8 / Betamax

  • $23 each (2 hour tape)
  • $10 per each additional 2 hour block over first 2 hours

Prices are for up to a 2 hour block per tape. Extra charge for more than 2 hours would be an additional 2 hour block, and is not pro-rated. We are not able to duplicate copyrighted materials. If you would like each tape transferred to BOTH a DVD and Flash drive, the labor per tape goes up by $10 per tape.

Photos Slides Negatives

Photos, Slides, and Negatives

Slides, Negatives, and Photo Scanning

  • 95¢ each - 1 to 499 images
  • 90¢ each - 500 or more images
  • Convert Images to Video Slideshow - $10 per slideshow group

Some Video Slideshow conversions may require additional labor/cost

Audio Sources

Audio Cassettes, Reel-to-Reel audio, DVD/CD copying

Audio Tape

  • $24 - Reel-to-Reel - 3 in. Reel, 2 Track ($5 additional for 4 track)
  • $29 - Reel-to-Reel - 4 in. Reel, 2 Track ($5 additional for 4 track)
  • $34 - Reel-to-Reel - 5 in. Reel, 2 Track ($5 additional for 4 track)
  • $39 - Reel-to-Reel - 7 in. Reel, 2 Track ($5 additional for 4 track)
  • $20 per Vinyl Record
  • $22 per Audio Cassette

Milwaukee PC is unable to transfer/duplicate copyrighted materials

Other Services

  • DVD Copy - $10 per disc
  • Video tape repair - $25 per tape
  • Adv. Image/Video Editing - $10 per 15 minute block
  • Adv. Editing may be needed in cases of excessive dead space, or other causes of distortions/errors.

Destination Options

  • USB Flash Drive - $8-$30 depending on project size
  • Video DVD/DVD-ROM - $3 per disc for 1 set

Some projects may require larger storage options. DigiMemories will use the smallest possible USB Flash destination required for the project unless otherwise specified by the customer. If customer wants more than 1 set of DVDs or flash drive, each additional set will be $10 per disc/flash drive per copy.

Priority Options

  • Standard - Included
  • Typically 4-6 weeks, shipped via private transport vehicle

  • Priority - $50
  • Typically 2-4 weeks, shipped via commercial transport service

Projected processing times affected by the amount of time to convert your media to digital format.

Film Length by Reel Size


Do you have a question or need a specialized quote for digitizing your media?

Please write to us, and one of our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include as many details as possible so that we can help you.

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