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Webmail Help

Milwaukee PC Webmail tips and tricks to help make it easier to you to check your e-mail from any computer anywhere in the world that you have internet access.

Milwaukee PC recommends using either Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox browsers to access our Webmail page

Milwaukee PC Webmail Help

To help you understand, navigate and use the email website, please review the information below. There are Frequently Asked Questions near the bottom of the page. If you have further questions and/or need support, please contact our dedicated support team at 877-563-1042 instead of your local MPC store. Please be sure to review the information below before calling to help minimize hold times.  The dedicated support phone number is available Mon - Fri 9am till 6pm, Sat 10am till 3pm and Sun 11am till 3pm.

Logging In

To log into your MPC Webmail, simply surf to and enter your username and password. Your Username is your FULL E-MAIL ADDRESS (i.e. [email protected]).  If you require a password reset, please contact your local store.  Looking to check your mail from your own software/app?  No problem, click here to find your mail settings.

Main Screen

On your main screen you can see your email folders, messages, read email, compose mail and preform the majority of your work.


To view your contacts, look to the lower left side of the main screen. Clicking the contacts bar will open your contacts menu. Here you can add, edit or email your contacts. Contacts are sometimes called an address book.

Black List & White List

Using the top menu on your contacts list, you can create black & white lists. A black list is a contact that you want to block (typically you create a black list for someone sending you spam. A white list is the opposite. Creating a white list helps prevent a sender's messages from being placed in your spam folder.

Tip - Attachments - enabling and viewing

Attachments are disabled by default to protect your computer. Watch this video to learn on how to enable them.

Tip - Deleting Emails

Above is an example of how you can delete messages from your inbox and other email folders.

Tip - Multiple Select

Above is an example of how you can select multiple messages as the same time to speed up moving and deleting messages.

Tip - Making Folders

Above is an example of how you can create new folders in your email to help you organize and save messages.

Webmail Settings

If you look at the lower left area of the Main Screen you'll see the settings bar. Click that will reveal a variety of settings that you can adjust. Here are some examples and information about the settings.

Settings - General

Here you can change your sent message folder, enable/disable email forwarding, set rich vs plain text email composition, and adjust message deletion options.

Settings - Password

Here you can update / change your password.

Settings - Security

Here you can adjust message security options. The default options should be fine for 99% of users, but feel free to explore/adjust your options.

Settings - Profile

Here you can enter various data points about yourself. This is optional.

Settings - Auto Reply

Here you can create and enable/disable auto reply messages. These are useful for away messages such as "I'll be out of the office from x to y, please contact our office for immediate assistance" .

Settings - Personalities

If you have multiple email accounts, you can use this feature to send from a specific account. Please keep in mind that you won't receive mail here from other personalities.

Settings - Regional

Here you can adjust the date format used throughout the site.

Settings - Contacts

Here you can adjust specific settings for your contacts and how they are stored.

Settings - Calendars

Here you can adjust the settings for your webmail calendar.

Settings - Anti Spam

On this screen you can adjust how aggressive your spam filtering is, which folder detected spam should fall into, etc.

Settings - Text Message Notifications

Here you can enable notifications to be sent to your cell phone.

Settings - Filters

On this screen you can create and adjust robust email filter rules that will can automate tasks such as moving mail into folders, create cell phone notifications, forward the email to another email address, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 I cannot save my password:
This is not a feature of the website, it is a feature of your web browser.  We recommend using Chrome web browser to access our email.  It may allow saving your password however we do not recommend that as in today’s world it is not safe saving passwords in your web browser.  Better options would be programs such as Dashlane, LastPass, or other password manager that you may trust.
 Email states “This message contained some potentially harmful content which has been disabled”
This is for your safety.  The Webmail site will help protect you and your computer from possible harmful content.  In the past when you opened an email it just opened and if there was harmful content such as Virus/malware they could run and infect your computer without your knowledge.  By disabling the potentially harmful content, it gives you the opportunity to preview the email to see if you wish to see all the content.  If you trust the email, you just click on “Undo” Button on the right to enble the rest of the content.
 Sent messages and Deleted messages do not go into Sent/Trash.
This has always been the default setting in Milwaukee PC Email services.  This is to protect your mail box from filling up, as your limit is the total of ALL messages stored in your account, including deleted, spam, the Inbox and other folders in your account.  If you wish, you can enable these features under “Settings” then “General”, however if you do not manually empty these folders they could fill up your email and prevent you from receiving additional emails.
 When attempting to login I get the message “Forbidden”
You may have a PC, Phone, or Tablet that is attempting to sign in to Milwaukee PC email that maybe failing to sign in due to incorrect password.   To protect your email, if to many incorrect password attempts occur in a limited time frame our severs will block them as it determines it maybe someone attempt to gain access to your account.  Most the time it is an improperly configured email program.  Even if these are not used, if they were even partial configured they could be attempting to connect to your email account.  The "Forbidden" block is automatically removed after 24 hours from the last login attempt.