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E-Waste Recycling Services


In 2009, the state of Wisconsin passed an electronics recycling law which requires manufacturers of certain electronic devices to finance a system of collections and recycling opportunities for Wisconsin residents. No matter where you purchased your equipment from, Milwaukee PC will make sure it's properly and safely recycled. Most things are recycled absolutely free, with a few restrictions. Please see the listings below to determine if there is a recycling fee or if your items are accepted.

If you have any questions or concerns on if your items are acceptable, please click here to contact your local Milwaukee PC.

Milwaukee PC also offers an on-site pickup service of your items for businesses.  Please call for pricing.

Milwaukee PC recycles an average of over 80,000 lbs of E-Waste per year - that would add up to over 440 TONS of E-Waste since the law went into effect on January 1, 2010!  (a blue whale weighs approximately 205 tons)

E-Waste Coordinator: Tom Lison (MPC Appleton) / (920) 830-9477




E-Waste Recyclable Items

 Accepted Items (no charge) 

  • Computer Cables

  • Computer Cases

  • Computer Fans

  • CPU's (Processors)

  • Desktop Computers

  • Hard Drives

  • Heat Sinks / Coolers

  • Keyboards

  • Memory

  • Mice

  • Motherboards

  • Netbook Computers

  • Networking Equipment (Routers - Switches - Modems)

  • Notebook AC Adapters

  • Notebook Batteries

  • Notebook Computers

  • Optical Drives

  • Power Supplies

  • Scanners

  • Speakers

  • Surge Protectors

  • UPS / Battery Back-Ups

 Accepted Items (FEE REQUIRED) 

  • InkJet Printers - Desktop ~ $3.00/unit

  • InkJet Printers - Small Office ~ $10.00/unit

  • InkJet Printers - Oversized ~ $20.00-$50.00/unit

  • Laser Printers - Desktop ~ $6.00/unit

  • Laser Printers - Small Office ~ $20.00/unit

  • Laser Printers - Oversized ~ $40.00-$100.00/unit

  • Monitors - CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) ~ $15.00/unit

  • Monitors - LCD ~ $5.00/unit

  • Plotters ~ $20.00-$100.00/unit


  • Car Batteries

  • Cell Phones

  • InkJet Cartridges

  • Toner Cartridges / Drum Units

  • Copy Machines

  • Refrigerators

  • Software (Media)

  • Televisions

  • VCRs / DVD Players

  • Telephone Systems

  • Other non-computer items


As a courtesy, if you have a large quantity of E-Waste to drop off, please contact the Milwaukee PC location you are working with prior to drop off. Milwaukee PC reserves the right to refuse to accept items for recycling. All prices listed are an estimate based on average items recycled, and are subject to change without notice. Milwaukee PC is not responsible for data on any surrendered media.


Milwaukee PC's E-Waste Acceptance Policy as of 03/24/2023