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We know... talking to most computer people is like reading DYI furniture instructions: boring, confusing, judgy, and about as impersonal as it can get.  That's not us - Milwaukee PC is a friendly, judgement free zone!

We're eager to help and teach you about technology, and we're always willing to help find a solution right for you.  Our friendly blog is a collection of help articles, how-to's, industry news, sweet computer builds, and more.  Have a question or an idea for an article?  Reach out to us on social media!


Going Green in a Digital World - What can you do?

Going Green in a Digital World - What can you do?

We all rely on computers for our day to day lives.  When the power goes out, how many people are suddenly “lost” not knowing what to do with themselves?  How many of us go online to get instant updates on weather, news, etc?

All this instant access to information comes with a price in your electric bill.  But that doesn’t mean that you will go broke because you have a computer, cell phone, smart TV, etc. all plugged in.

As technology has advanced, so has power efficiency.  Newer electronics (including PCs) are more power efficient than units from even just a few years ago.  In addition, newer computers are able to do more at lower CPU usage, which means that they can do the tasks at a lower power draw.

Will a new PC be “greener” than an older one?

Short answer – MOST LIKELY.  We say most likely because it really depends on how you use a PC.  Many people use their older PC less because they are frustrated by how slow it seems.  When you suddenly get a PC that has more power, you will likely use it more – hence it may not be “greener” since you are using it more, even if it is more power efficient.  Of course, more powerful PCs (like gaming/video editing/3D Modeling) will still use lots of power, but there are things you can do to help mitigate some of that.

With that being said, today’s computers (both laptops and desktops) are more energy efficient than those of even 2 years ago.  One of the advancements in technology companies usually focus on is energy efficiency.

What can I to help my computer be “greener”?

Today’s computers have more advanced power management options built into them.  By default, many of these features have preset options you can choose from depending on how much you use your PC.  In addition, for those of you who are a little more tech savvy, many of these settings can be more customized to fit your daily needs.

In addition, you can do things like putting your computer to SLEEP when you are done using it for a little while, instead of leaving it run at full power until you return.  You can set your monitor to blank screen or turn screen off instead of using a screen saver (although watching those screen savers can be fun).

Also, physical cleaning of your computer (both desktop and laptop) should be done regularly to help the fans run properly.  When a computer is running, it generates heat.  If the computer gets hot, the fans run faster.  If the fans and the heatsink fins are clogged with dust, the computer gets hotter because the heat can’t be dissipated. This consumes more electricity, plus puts more wear and tear on the fans, and the excessive heat can even damage components inside the computer!

Think before you “ink” (print).  Use Print Preview to check the layout.  Don’t print unless necessary – don’t waste paper, ink, or toner.  It’s not like you can print money (legally).

How does Milwaukee PC help the planet?

Milwaukee PC continues to offer the latest technologies available which in turn will help with energy efficiency.  We also are registered with E-Cycle Wisconsin as a recycler of computers and computer related equipment – most of which we recycle for free.  Milwaukee PC recycles an average of 80,000 lbs. of computers and computer equipment every year since the law went into effect in 2009 – that’s over 440 TONS of electronics sent to recycling instead of a landfill!  Proper recycling of electronic devices helps in keeping chemicals and heavy metals (predominantly lead and mercury) out of landfills which could eventually seep into our water, soil, and crops.  It also helps in reclaiming precious metals and rare earth elements for future use in new devices, which in turn helps protect the environment as the mining of these metals and elements can give off toxic waste.

Every day should be Earth Day

If we all take just a few simple steps, we can help our planet.  Remember the 3 ‘R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 


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