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2.5" IDE to Dual Compact Flash
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Hard Drives
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2.5" IDE to Dual Compact Flash (CF) Adapter - "The CF2X2IDE25 2.5"" IDE to Dual Compact Flash (CF) Adapter allows you to convert a Compact Flash I/II or MicroDrive into simple and convenient Solid State Storage to be installed to replace a conventional 2.5"" IDE hard drive. Solid State Storage in turn provides a silent, cool-running drive, that requires no moving parts - enabling it to withstand harsh environments (i.e. dust, heat etc.).Solid State Storage - No Moving Parts!Solid State Drives do not contain moving parts. This provides faster startup and random access times, because the drive doesn't have to ""spin up"" and doesn't use a read/write head to access data. This is also of major benefit in environments that may contain a great deal of dust etc., which would typically cause mechanical failure in a conventional drive. Ideal in Any Environment and For the Environment. Using a Compact Flash Card or Micro Drive to create a Solid State drive using the 2.5"" IDE to Dual Compact Flash (CF) Adapter makes a perfect addition to any environment. An ideal replacement for conventional hard drives, which could be affected by external factors such as dust particles or atmospheric changes, Solid State Drives offer a quieter, cooler alternative, as the (created) Solid State drive produces little or no heat, and requires much less power to operate than a conventional hard drive.