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SlimBlade Trackball Mouse
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SlimBlade Trackball Mouse. color: Graphite The Kensington SlimBlade(TM) Trackball Mouse works where other travel mice can’t. The trackball gives you control even when there’s no room to move a mouse, then switches to mouse mode with the push of a button. Bluetooth connectivity offers up to 30 feet of range and doesn’t use up a USB port. Full-featured laser mouse allows you to navigate through your documents with superior precision Unique Scroll Ball provides easy and intuitive 360 scrolling Trackball mode gives you cursor control in tight spaces and on any surface Bluetooth wireless technology for an instant connection – leave your USB ports available for other devices Fuel gauge indicator lets you know when it’s time to change your batteries Never worry about turning your mouse on or off again — your mouse goes into sleep mode when your notebook does www.