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56K V.90 Ext.Serial Modem RoHS
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External 56K
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Special Order Only
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The H08-03328 is a serial external modem that communicates at a maximum speed of 56,000 bps without compression. The model H08-03328 works with any device that can provide RS-232 signaling for: Transmit, Receive, Ground. The minimal signaling requirement makes this modem ideal for use with point-of-sale devices and dumb terminals which do not provide a DTE signal. Robust power handling features make this modem suitable for unattended remote applications. Those features include advanced power handling to protect against brownouts and power glitches that can freeze other modems, and ZoomGuard Lightning Protection. Other features include Extended Status Reporting with seven indicator lights, a high-quality monitor speaker, and a heavy-duty on/off switch. Additional features supported include V.42 bis and MNP5 data compression, V.42 and MNP 2-4 error correction, and support for voice mail/voice recording applications and send/receive fax support. The Model H08-03328 includes fax and data communications software for Windows.