$25 PC Tune-Up Special Offer

Locations throughout Wisconsin, 25+ Years of Experience 


Stop into your local Milwaukee PC store for a $25 PC Tune-Up from one of our expert technicians.

Offer Includes:

  • General Check Up of your computer, its systems and hardware
  • General Malware / Virus Scanning*
  • Security Software & Settings Evaluation
  • Hardware Upgrade Evaluation
  • Optimize your Startup Applications
  • Physically Clean Dust & Minor Debris from your Computer

What's This Actually Do For Me & My Computer?


It's important to make sure your computer is in tip top shape, just like your car.  If you don't catch minor problems with your computer, you may find yourself with data loss, compromised privacy, or general failure of your computer.  Any of which can result in costly repairs later.  The experts at Milwaukee PC have know exactly what to look for and can explain it.  

We'll check for the most common problems, optimize some common things, and generally make sure your computer should continue serving your needs.  In addition, we can answer questions about your computer or even give you ideas of how you could make it run faster and do more for you.  Stop in or call today before this limited time offer runs out!



* $25 PC Tune-Up does not include new or replacement hardware, advanced diagnostics, virus and/or malware removal, new software, or repair services.  As everyone's computer and specific needs vary, please see stores for details and questions so we can make your experience with Milwaukee PC just right for you and your computer!  Must bring in a copy of this page for discount, no other discounts apply.

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