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Computers age poorly...


After a few years, they just don't seem to keep up.  It's not that they have gotten slower, but that they have more code to process to do the same tasks.  Every time a program or Windows does an update, it adds more lines of code.  So something that used to take 20 lines of code 5 years ago may now take 100 lines of code to do the same job!

Isn't it time for a new PC?' Counting Down to 2023 Specials

With the advancements in technology over the last few years, today's PCs are significantly faster than the computers from even just 3-5 years ago. It's not just processors (CPUs) that have improved. Solid State Drives (SSD), memory and networking technologies have also made advancements, all of which can give you a much better computer experience.

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