Service & Repair

Your life is busy enough . . . and you depend on your computer . . . so if it has problems . . . life can suddenly be very stressful . . . and make things seem like you need rescuing . . .


Service & Repair
Why Milwaukee PC for service & repair?

Since 1989, Milwaukee PC has been providing quality service and repairs of computers for our customers. By being both a computer manufacturer and repair center, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the quality service you deserve. With 17 stores throughout Wisconsin, Milwaukee PC has a vast knowledge base we can draw upon as new and difficult computer repair situations arise. By holding ourselves to high standards, offering a warranty on all labor we perform, and being your LOCAL computer store, we take pride in our slogan The People Behind The Product.

Desktop Computers

The desktop computer has commonly been the heart of your system. These units are more powerful than their notebook/laptop counterparts. Desktop computers commonly have easier repair and upgrade options, extending their life as your main system.

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Laptop/Notebook computers offer you the ability to use your computer almost anywhere. Offering many of the same features as a desktop, but designed to be portable and battery powered to give you the freedom to work/play where you want to. But with portability comes some unique hardware setups, limiting the upgradability and sometimes making the parts unique to your unit.

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All-In-One (AIO) / Small Form Factor (SFF) computers

All-In-One computers are a display screen with the computer built into it’s frame. Very nice for space saving options as you don’t have a separate tower.

Small Form Factor computers are a miniature version of a desktop system. This lets you choose what size monitor display you want, but gives you a very small footprint for the actual system box.

Both AIO and SFF computers do have the same limitations of notebooks/laptops, in that due to their unique design and components, upgrade options are limited at best, and the unique parts for the systems can make getting replacement parts difficult

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Remote Assistance

Need help, but don't want to bring your computer to the store?  Milwaukee PC's Remote Assistance might be the answer!  Some problems/issues can be fixed via the internet with a remote connection.  Give us a call and we will evaluate your problem to see if it can be fixed remotely

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Servers and Business Services

With over 20 years of experience specializing in Small Business Networks, Milwaukee PC has the technicians to help you. From working with existing network setups to designing a custom client/server configuration, Milwaukee PC has the knowledge to assist you.

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Data Loss & Recovery

Your data files are important. Documents, pictures, music, videos, and other files that you create are irreplaceable. Hopefully you have a backup of these, but what do you do when disaster strikes and you don't have a data backup?

Milwaukee PC's Data Recovery division has special equipment and software to recover files from things as simple as accidental deletion up to drive failures. We offer FREE evaluation so if we can't get your data, there is no charge!

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