REOPENING, Safer At Home, & Operational Changes

As the State of Wisconsin has started to ease the restrictions of the “Safer at Home” order, we will be letting people into SOME of our locations throughout Wisconsin, please call your local store to see if they are allowing customers in. But with letting people in, there will be some changes: 

In-Store Visits

In line with the new guidelines, we will allow up to 5 customers in our stores at a time, as long as they comply with Social Distancing requirements. We will be REQUIRING face masks to be worn while in the store. We will be providing hand sanitizer and disposable face masks at the entrances to our stores. To limit risks to both our staff and our customers, we would ask that we answer as many questions via phone/e-mail to limit possible exposures.

To limit exposure risk, we encourage customers to still take advantage of our Curb Side Drop Off and Pick Up for service/repairs.

Curb Side Service

We will still be offering our Curb Side Drop Off and Pick Up for service/repairs. 

  • Customers need to call their local store to create the service order (from home or the parking lot) 
  • Once we have the service order created and the customer is in the parking lot, we will send out an employee to get the items.  The employee will bring out a copy of the service order for the customer. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Milwaukee PC will be cleaning computers/items brought in for service with a disinfecting cleaner to limit the risk of exposure both to our staff, and the risk of cross contamination from another customers’ equipment. 
  • Once service is completed, customer will return to the store parking lot and call the store.  We will go over the service completed and discuss payment options. 
  • An employee will come out to get the payment, and after payment is processed, they will bring out the repaired computer and items that were dropped off, along with your receipt.

Remote Assistance

We will be promoting and encouraging that customers take advantage of our Remote Assistance option for service issues to help limit people bringing their computers into the store for service.  Remote Assistance include, but not limited to:

  • Basic printer issues
  • Virus/malware infections
  • Many other minor issues, so long as you can get on the Internet.

Store Hours

Some of our stores may have changed their operating hours.  Please call your local store to verify their current hours during this time.

Phone Calls & Phone Support

During this time, we expect an influx of phone calls which may prevent us from immediately answering every inbound call. Please have patience, and stay on the line.  If you're unable to get through after an extended period of time, please leave a voicemail (or email), and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

We know this may inconvenience some customers from our normal operations, but if we all try and follow proper safety procedures, we will all get through this difficult time together!

Remote Assistance

Need Computer Help?
Milwaukee PC offers Remote Assistance where one of our professional techs can securely connect to your computer with a one-time only session to help with many different types of computer issues. For more information, click here to learn more about our Remote Assistance Service.

REMEMBER - never let anyone into your computer that calls *you* directly and unprompted -- it's guaranteed to be a scam. Only work with trusted provider like Milwaukee PC!

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We've started Team Milwaukee PC to join the fight!

So dig out those old computers/laptops, fire up your current computer, install Folding@Home and use Team # 252324 to join us to fight COVID and other diseases!


Please note that MPC cannot provide technical support for Folding@Home. If you have questions or need assistance, please refer Folding@Home's FAQs and Folding Forum