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    Your local Milwaukee PC offers mobile device repair for popular models like iPhone, HTC, and iPad. Milwaukee PC can repair your phone's LCD screen, your touchscreen, buttons and even more phone & tablet parts.  



iPad 1 Touchscreen $12999
iPad 2 Touchscreen $12999
iPad 3 Touchscreen $16499
iPad 4 Touchscreen $16499


iPhone 4 Touchscreen $12999
iPhone 4 Battery $5999
iPhone 4s Touchscreen $12999
iPhone 4s Battery $6999
iPhone 3 Touchscreen $12999
iPhone 3 Battery $4999


iPod Touch Touchscreen $9999
iPod Tuch 2 Touchscreen $9999
iPod Touch 3 Touchscreen $9999
iPod Touch 4 Touchscreen $9999


A855 Droid Touchscreen $10999
810 DroidX Touchscreen $12999
XT894 Droid4 Touchscreen $12999
XT875 Bionic Touchscreen $12999


Evo 4G Touchscreen $9999
Incredible 4G LTE Touchscreen $16999
Inspire 4G Touchscreen $11999
Thunderbolt Touchscreen $9999


Galaxy S II T989 LCD/Touch $24999
Epic 4G D700 LCD/Touch $17999
Galaxy Tab 10.1 Touchscreen $11999
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Touchscreen $10999

And the list goes on . . .

This is only a few of units we can work on! Don’t see yours on the list? ASK US FOR A QUOTE! We can repair most smart phones and tablets including: ASUS, Kindle, LG, Nokia, Nook, Sony Ericsson, and more!

Why Milwaukee for Phone & Tablet Repair?

It's all about Local Service! The same name that has serviced your computer needs since 1989 now does phone and tablet repair, right in the store! And with many locals throughout Wisconsin, we have stores within easy driving distance. Plus our technicians have received special and continuous training on the best repair methods. And as an added bonus, MPC gives you a 90-Day Warranty on the Repair - including parts, and labor -- we guarantee it!

All prices listed are subject to change without notice.  Phone & Tablet Repair is not available at all locations, please call ahead.  Prices listed are only estimated based on average service costs.  Each computer is unique, and may require more/less labor than others, therefore varying the final labor changes.  All prices are for labor only, and do not include any parts necessary for repairs or upgrades.  Customers must provide any software for installation not being purchased at the time of service.  While MPC uses highly developed methods to protect your data, Milwaukee PC cannot guarantee data quality/integrity.  It is recommended that you backup any important data before bringing the system in for service.  Prices for "Big Box" stores are based on web and phone surveys. Thank you for reading the fine print, we hope MPC can help fix your system just like we have for countless others.