Remote Assistance - Quick Access Guide

To get started with Quick Assist is quite easy.  On your computer, click on the START menu.



Now just start typing QUICK ASSIST.  You don't have to click in the search box, just start typing once you click on the START button.
As you type, you will see QUICK ASSIST appear on the Start Menu.  Click on the listing for QUICK ASSIST.



After you click on QUICK ASSIST, it will launch the program.  When the program opens, it will look similar to this:



In the box under GET ASSISTANCE, you will type the code our technician gives you.  After the code is entered, the SHARE SCREEN box will activate.


Click on the SHARE SCREEN button.  You will be prompted to ALLOW this.  You are now ready to go!


Our technician will now have control of your machine until we disconnect.  Once we disconnect, we CANNOT get back in without your permission.