Milwaukee PC
Residential High-Speed Internet Service 2.0 Pricing

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1000Mb fiber
1000Mb download
1000Mb uploads
100Mb fiber
100Mb download
100Mb uploads
50Mb fiber
50Mb download
50Mb uploads
75Mb download
8Mb uploads
45Mb download
6Mb uploads
24Mb download
3Mb uploads
18Mbs download
1.5Mb uploads
12Mb download
1Mb uploads
6Mb download
768Kb uploads
3Mb download
512Kb uploads
1.5Mb download
8Kb uploads

Service and speeds are subject to availability. Internet speeds represent maximum network service capability speeds. Actual customer speeds may vary due to wiring, distance, and other factors.

 Based on common usage requirements from Netflix, we recommend the following:
 3MB  For streaming SD quality
 5MB  For streaming HD quality (720p)
 25MB  For streaming Ultra-HD quality

Available in more Wisconsin locations than ever!

Internet Availability Check FAQ's & Local Internet Support

New Account Term is a 1-year commitment. Early termination fee is $100 or remainder of commitment, whichever is less. At the end of term, then current rate applies. Promotional offers are only available to new internet customer accounts. At termination of service, customer must return modem/router equipment, or be assessed a fee of $100. A missed appointment fee of $100 will be charged if insufficient notice is given of a conflict for technician installation or repair. Existing Milwaukee PC Legacy Internet Service customers may upgrade to Residential Internet Service 2.0. This would require a new 1-year commitment and modem replacement & installation, see a sales associate for more information. Billing begins on service activation date. Service Plans not available in all areas. Actual downstream and upstream throughput speeds will vary. Acceptance of Terms of Service required. Other restrictions apply. Access speed or sync rate is measured between network interface device at customer’s location and the Central Office or Remote Terminal. The actual speed achieved will depend on several factors, including line conditions and loop length. Milwaukee PC does not guarantee uptime for Internet Service, however uptime is typically 99%. Milwaukee PC is an Internet Service Provider, and as a result is not responsible for structured telephone wiring or equipment. Milwaukee PC is a second tier provider relying on the AT&T network for connectivity. Milwaukee PC does offer a 25-Day cancellation of service from initial activation without penalty. Disconnection of service requires 30 days notice for processing.