High-Speed Internet Service

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100% Local Support!
Coupled with reliable, national internet service.

No Data Caps!
We won't limit or throttle your internet service.

Everyday Pricing!
No intro rates, no bundling, zero gimmicks.

Hardware Included!
High-Speed Modem / Wireless Router?
Included at NO CHARGE!

Cut The Cord!
Why pay for cable when there are so many free or low cost streaming TV options available? We can help you save money and still get the shows you want!

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Are you sick of paying for bundles?

Milwaukee PC Internet Services do not require you to have a landline phone, nor a cable package that includes 800 channels of garbage programming.  Why would anyone want to pay for all these services just to get a "good" deal on their internet service?  It just doesn't make sense!  MPC will never try to upsell you anything just so you can have a fair price for your internet service.

Love talking to robots?  WE DON'T!

We don't have robots, nor do we outsource our internet tech support.  When you call Milwaukee PC Internet support, you'll get to talk to an experienced technician right away.  We want you blazing down the internet.  Let's save the robots for the movies.

Want to dump your cable bill?

Why should you pay for TV when there are so many options today for FREE streaming services? With options like Pluto TV, Tubi, Vudo, Crackle, and more, you can save a lot of money and still have lots of shows to watch!

Can my Business use your Internet Service?

Yes it can! We offer Commercial Internet Service, including Static IP options, that can fit your business needs. Plus, with speeds up to 1Gb Symmetrical up/down speeds, we have plans that can handle your business Internet loads!

How do I get started?

It's easy to get started. Either stop by your nearest Milwaukee PC location, or click on the Internet Availability Check button above to contact us and we'll see what packages are available for your location.