Media Types we can digitize

8mm, Super 8, or 16mm Film

Commonly associated with old reel type projectors, this was the early stages of home movies and could be with or without audio.

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Video Cassettes
Video Cassettes came in a variety of types, like VHS, Beta, and Camcorder.

Milwaukee PC can digitize most types of video cassettes. This includes digital conversion of video cassettes such as VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, Digital8, and BETA tapes.

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Photos, Slides, and Negatives
Printed photographs, 35mm slides, and original negatives.

Milwaukee PC can digitize printed photos, and any type of strip negative or individual slides.

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Other Media
Audio Cassettes, Reel-to-Reel audio, DVD/CD copying.

Milwaukee PC can convert audio cassettes, compact cassettes, and reel-to-reel audio. We also offer CD and DVD duplication, but we cannot duplicate any copyrighted materials (pre-recorded discs).

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Repair Services
Film repair, Video Cassette repair, Audio Tape repairs

Damaged items can't be digitized without repairs. We can repair most video and audio media including film, tapes, and reel-to-reel tape.

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