Custom Built Desktop Computers

Designed to meet YOUR needs, not what some cookie-cutter computer company says you need!

Standard Desktops
General Everyday Use for home or business

These are our standard Custom Desktop systems, designed for everything from basic e-mail and Internet, everyday word processing, and even from basic to moderate photo and video editing. These can be customized to fit your definition of standard needs.

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Gaming Desktops
Milwaukee PC's Inferno Series - for people who take gaming SERIOUSLY!

Our Inferno Series is designed by gamers for gamers! Whether you want to play basic gaming or the latest and greatest release, we can build a PC to fit your needs! And we can customize it the way YOU want! Specific case? CHECK. Custom lighting? CHECK. Water-Cooled? CHECK.

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Workstation Desktops
Professional Workstations for Photos, Videos, Desktop Publishing, and CAD

Designed with these high performance requirement needs in mind, our Professional Workstations are specifically configured to meet the unique needs of specialty software for digital media editing, Application Development, or CAD and 3D Modeling type work.

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