Your memories are precious . . . They connect us to our past . . . Film lets our loved ones live on . . . Great-Grandma's photo albums . . . Gone Holiday videos and film . . . Lost Boxes of photos . . . Destroyed

Digital Media Conversion

The memories of your life... pictures, home movies, slides of vacations. 
What is becoming of them? 

Time will destroy all of these items! 
Photos fade, film breaks down, slides & negatives get brittle and fall apart.

The projectors and players for these old items break down.
No one is really making new ones anymore.

So how do you preserve these memories? 
Have Milwaukee PC convert your pictures, film and video to digital!

How Does It Work?

Once you drop off your originals at any of our stores, we go to work. We transfer your media to our Greenfield store, where our specialists take care to ensure the best quality results. Once your files have been converted, we return both your originals and your new digital files to the same store you dropped them off at.

Have original media that is damaged?
We can repair many types of media to the point of being able to convert them to digital as well!

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I'm so glad that I had Milwaukee PC convert my old VHS family videos to digital. I no longer have to keep those dusty tapes around, and have no fear of them breaking down.

-- Robert W.

You're gonna cry! Seeing all our old family videos and pictures was amazing, and it's such a blessing that we now have them saved for years to come.

-- Stacy N.

Highly recommend. I had Milwaukee PC digitize three boxes of old pictures and videos. It cost less than the other guys and the results were amazing.

-- Tony F.

Having our old Christmas Mornings, Birthday Parties and Graduation videos digitized created the perfect gift for my wife and kids. Thanks Milwaukee PC!

-- Charlie J.